Friday, November 2, 2012

How to Listen music on Android phone samsung galaxy y with mono Blue-tooth headset successfully.As Android phone is powered with Blue-tooth V3.0 with A2DP, HS when we connect mono Blue-tooth headset we can only listen to incoming or outgoing call but we cannot listen music or video that are playing on the handset the sound comes from phone speaker so how to route the sound of listen music or playing video to mono headset. As many people have mono headset and don't want to use wired headphone or stereo Blue-tooth headset as it is not easy to carry with them, but cannot get good quality with mono headset if listening to music but easy to carry.
Listen music on Android phone samsung galaxy y with mono Bluetooth headset

  • So if you want to listen to music through mono Bluetooth headset follow the steps below it is really easy
  • For listening to music through mono headset on Android phone
  • You will need to install an application from Android market which lets you Listen to music, internet streams (you-tube) with your Blue-tooth mono headphones!
  • Now there is two version one trial free for 5 days and other paid so before buying you can try it.

To download trial version visit the link below
Download Trial version of Bluetooth Audio Widget

To download Paid version visit the link below
Bluetooth Audio Widget paid

Steps to use

  • Install Bluetooth Audio Widget on your samsung galaxy y or any android phone
  • Turn on Bluetooth of your handset make it discoverable which will be for 120 seconds.
  • Now turn on Bluetooth headset click on scan Devices when you get your device pair it password will be "0000" without commas.
  • Now your Device is paired but the most important step go to home screen of your phone press to 3 second menu appears Add to home screen click on widgets now scroll down and select Bluetooth Audio Widget This will bring widget to home screen so you can easily route sound to headset.
  • Now as your headset is already connected to your phone play a music you will get sound from phone speaker then simply click on the icon just now we placed on home screen wait for few seconds and you will find that sound is routed to headset now enjoy the music and thanks to KocasIT.
  • Don't forget to leave comment feel free to ask if.

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  1. Superb!!!!:):) but the only bad thing is tat the app is not free:(


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