Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jelly Bean transformation pack for windows 7. Hi friends as we have seen many transformation pack that are use to change the look of current running os on your computer to latest version of os such as Windows 7 transformation pack for windows Xp, mac os transformation pack for windows XP or windows 7. So we can say that always user try to archive new feel and look on their current running os. If you are one of them and running Windows 7 then, here is the latest Android Jelly Bean transformation pack.  The truth is that it does not gonna give the look much better than the real built-in packs in devices. This pack is created by skinpacks com so thanks them for providing free. Although this pack transform the look of your windows 7 pc to jelly bean look but also put pressure on system performance many times and can slow your system while multi-tasking.

Jelly Bean transformation pack for windows 7
So if you love to have different looking os and give your Windows 7 an Android Jelly Bean look then you can use this pack. Once you installed the pack from boot screen, login page and of course the Windows 7 user interface gets jelly bean flavored look and feel you will definitely like it. To provide you with complete jelly bean look the pack has added bunch of programs which we are listing below:
  • RocketDock which a skin just like the OS X’s Dock in Windows
  • Xwidget which is a Jelly Bean like widget
  • Added icons
  • Win7BootUpdater which alters the present boot screen
  • Resource Hacker which modifies .res files
  • Moveex which alters and placing .dll files
  • Universal theme patcher
  • Added Widgets for Google search, music, time and weather
Windows 7 Home Premium and above (both 32 bit or 64 bits).
For Windows 7 Home Basic patch must be installed to enable Aero.

Android Jelly Bean Transformation Skin Pack 32 bit(not mirrored)
Android Jelly Bean Transformation Skin Pack 64 bit
(not mirrored)

Just Download install and Reboot.

Congratulation! You have transform your Windows 7 running PC to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean like look with the help of skin pack.(source)


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