Friday, November 2, 2012

Tutorial how to Change font size of Android phone Samsung galaxy y

As in the earlier post i have written how to change fonts of Android phone for free click here if you missed it.
(See both the picture having different font size one normal and second large.)

As you know that when we change fonts some fonts look big or small so for this we will have to adjust the size of the font . Changing font size of android device is very easy with this application. So here i am going to tell you how to change the font size of your android device for free.
Simply follow the steps below :-

First of all you will have to download an application from market click here to download Big Font
Install it on your phone.
Run the application now you can scale system font size from 85% to 130% just scroll left and right to adjust the font size as you wish.
when you are satisfied click on apply and then ok.
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For how to change or install fonts on android phone click here


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