Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In our previous article we have posted an instructional guide on how to install Xperia NxT MoD v1.0, Xperia NxT MoD v1.5 and Xperia NxT MoD v1.7 theme pack for any device which runs Ginger Bread (GB) but now Xperia NxT MoD v2.0 is integrated with AROMA Installer so the steps will be a bit different and easier. Here as demo i am using Samsung galaxy y GT-s5360 an Android devices. Now the updated version of this mode pack has has been released and the new version is known as Xperia NxT MoD v2.0 this works in all Rom's. This MoD features all Xperia items like Mobile Bravia Engine, Icons, Widgets, Sounds, Wallpapers, etc. which are ported to other GingerBread devices. The developer of this mod pack is Ganesh Arivoli from Xda so don't forget to thanks him for his work although he did not include Timescape UI as many devices don't support it. But the developer have included many Xperia items that you would like. This MoD pack is only for rooted GingerBread 2.3+ running devices. So lets have look on few screenshots (by dev.) of Xperia NxT MoD v 2.0 running on Gingerbread running devices galaxy y.
Xperia NxT MoD v2.0

  • Xperia Apps:
  • ▬ Xperia Home with Settings
    ▬ Track-ID
    ▬ Walkman Music Player
    ▬ Xperia S Wallpaper Picker
    ▬ Xperia MMS app
    ▬ Xperia Dialer
    ▬ Xperia Phone
  • Xperia S CM7 Theme (themed apps)
  • ▬ com_android_browser
    ▬ com_android_calculator2
    ▬ com_android_calendar
    ▬ com_android_camera
    ▬ com_android_contacts
    ▬ com_android_deskclock
    ▬ com_android_inputmethod_latin
    ▬ com_android_mms
    ▬ com_android_music
    ▬ com_android_phone
    ▬ com_android_settings
    ▬ com_android_systemui
    ▬ com_cooliris_media
    ▬ com_google_android_apps_genie_geniewidget
    ▬ com_android_providers_downloads_ui
    ▬ com_android_packageinstaller
    ▬ com_sonyericsson_home
  • Ori Thread : here
  • Xperia Widgets:
  • ▬ Clock Widgets (5 clocks)
    ▬ On Off Tools (11 widgets)
    ▬ Photo and Video Widget
    ▬ Weather Widget (2 widgets)
    ▬ Smart Contacts(3 widgets)
    ▬ NxT Clock Widget
    ▬ Digital Clock Wideget
  • Other:
  • ▬ Xperia S Fonts
    ▬ Cosmic Flow Live Wallpaper
    ▬ Widget Picker
    ▬ Mobile Bravia Engine
    ▬ Xperia T Boot Animation
    ▬ Xperia S Ringtones
    ▬ Xperia S Notification Sounds
Note : You may not get all widgets. It depends on your Launcher.
Use the provided Xperia Launcher which supports all widgets.

Use at your own Risk! we will not held responsible for any damage to your device.

Cwm for Galaxy y model gt-s5360: cwm.zip
Xperia Mod Pack:(not mirrored) [AROMA] Xperia NxT MoD 2.zip
Size: 41.63 MB

Instructions :
  • Backup your system charge battery 50%.
  • Download cwm according to your device the above provided cwm file is for galaxy y so if you have other device just Google it and mod pack  and place in root directory of sd card and turn your phone off. 
  • Boot  your phone in recovery mode by pressing volume up+home+power button together.
  • When you enter recovery mode select apply update from sd card and navigate to root directory and select "CWM.zip"
  • As now you are in cwm mode select install update from sd card and Select the Mod file "[AROMA] Xperia NxT MoD 2.zip" and ok.
    AROMA Instructions:
    Use Next and Back tab to go to Next and previous screen.
  • Screen 1 theme selector:
  • There are five themes available Generic, ICS, MIUI, MIUI4 & Sense select any one according to your choice and next
  • Screen 2 Welcome Screen :
  • This page contains details about Xperia NxT MoD v2.0 you may read it and then next.
  • Screen 3 Agreement :
  • This page contain Agreement Read and Check the Xperia NxT MoD Agreement if you agree then can proceed to next step by selecting next.
  • Screen 4 Change log :
  • This page contain Change log of Xperia NxT MoD v2.0 in compare to its previous versions select next and proceed.
  • Screen 5 Installation Type :
  • This is the important step select the one that best fits your device and next.
  1. Default (For Samsung Galaxy Y) : Contains all the Xperia NxT MoD features.
  2. Minimalist (For Samsung Galaxy Y) : Excludes additional features like Xperia Home Launcher, Xperia Dialer, Xperia Mms apps. All other features included.
  3. FOR CM7 Roms (For All CM7 Roms) : Includes features which will work only on CM7. For Example, The Xperia S CM7 Theme.
  4. For Other Devices (For All Devices) : For Compatibility with All GingerBread Devices.
  • Screen 6 Reboot option: You may select Reboot after installation is completed and next.
  • Screen 7 Installation option: Let the installation to be completed succesfully and after installation completes select next
  • Now Reboot Device.
Congratulation! you have installed Xperia NxT MoD v2.0. In case noticed any bug post on thread page so that dev can fix on next update.

For CM7 Theme
Open Theme Chooser and select Xperia S Theme


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