Saturday, September 1, 2012

Here are few best Custom Rom for Alcatel One Touch 918N that will change the look and feel of your 918N to the latest version of Android. In this post i am sharing few custom ROMs for Alcatel One Touch 918N that I had stumbled on the web.The name of this Custom ROM's are as follows: 

  • YONIP 918N (Base from Stock ROM)
  • LEWA ROM for Alcatel 918N
  • YONIP 918N CM-ROM 
These ROMs edge compared to the Stock ROM are as follows: data2ext, ext2 support, ext4 filesystem, CWM Recovery, deleted mosts of the bloatwares, added useful Apps, mosts Apps are up-to-date, UI, Reboot menu, Reboot to Recovery menu, and many more.


These Custom ROMs are only meant for Alcatel One Touch 918N running on Android 2.3.5 version only. You can try with your different 2.3.x Gingerbread One Touch Blaze Glory,  
Use at your own risk. I am not liable if you damaged your device in process. Its your responsibility.

banjo0917 of for sharing these Alcatel 918N Custom ROMs in the forum.

YONIP 918N ROM V.1.2
YONIP 918N ROM V.1.2 Custom Rom For Alcatel One Touch 918N
The YONIP 918N ROM has 8MP camera settings, an ICS UI and feel, and better icon aesthetics.
Download Link: YONIP 918N ROM V.1.2

    LEWA ROM for Alcatel 918N 
    LEWA ROM for Alcatel 918N
    The LEWA ROM gives a lighter treat for our eyes and decent aesthetics improvements for a different feel, making your 918N experience better. 
    If you want to use sim2 for call, just long press then slide the call button to the left after entering the number you want to call, same with messaging.
    LEWA UPDATE PATCH 12.07.06 : Download (Fix some minor bugs)
    LEWA UPDATE PATCH 12.07.13 : Download (Fix some minor Bugs)

      YONIP Alcatel 918N CM-ROM
      YONIP Alcatel 918N CM-ROM Custom Rom For Alcatel One Touch 918N
      Another variation of the YONIP ROM, but this time, its CM based. Still has the ICS and unlocked features from the YONIP ROM. If you are wanting to have Ice Cream Sandwich for your Alcatel 918N phone, then this one answers it.
      Download this two files: YONIP Alcatel 918N CM-ROM | Market Download Fix
      Gallery/Video Issue Fix:

        Installation Instruction:
        • First of all make back up of your phone and charge your phone battery full
        • Download the Custom Rom of your Choice
        • Copy the ROM files in the Root Directory of your's phone SD card. 
        • Install the ROM files via recover. 
        • Reboot to System and let system initialized.
        • If there is a patch/fix/update, just do the following:
        • Reboot to Recovery. 
        • Install the fix/patch/update. 
        • Reboot.
        Congratulation! you have Successfully installed custom Rom on  Alcatel One Touch 918N .If you find any bug leave comment on the Thread page So developer can fix when  new update is released 


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