Monday, August 5, 2013

UFSx + HWK Setup v02.03.00.00 is Official Released. This latest update of UFSx and HWK support few new devices see the list provided below:
Download latest UFSx + HWK Setup v02.03.00.00

DCTxBB5 v2.3.0.0
  • BB5 RAPU Based Products USB Flashing / UI support added: RM-754 (801T)
  • DCT4 INFINEON Based Products USB Flashing / UI support added: RM-694,RM-761,RM-799,RM-800 (X2-02,200,201,201.1)

LG_GSM v2.3.0.0

  • Infineon Egold Boot Fixed (was broken in v
  • Infineon E500,KM553,KM555,KM555e,KM555g,KM555R added (FL,CUL)
  • Infineon GT370,GU230GO,S367 added (FL,CUL,DUL,IM)
  • Infineon T370,T375,T385,T385b,T395,T500GO,T505GO,T565,
  • T565b,T575 added (FL,DUL)
  • MTK: A290 added (FL,3xIM)
  • MTK: USB Support for UI Functions (Select COM on Phone)
  • WiFi MAC Address Write Added for Infineon and MTK platforms.
SAMs v2.2.0.3
  • T456-FIDO,T456-ROGERS added (UNL,SECT,IM,FL)
  • [Patch MSL] fixed for DUOS Products.
  • E1086W,E1153i,E1182-CHN,E1195L,E1200,E1200M,E1200M-CHN,
  • E1200T,E1202,E1205,E1205L,E1205M-CHN,E1205T,E1207,E1207T-IND,
  • E1207-MEA,E1220T,E1230T,E1232B,E1232D added (PUNL,PIM,FL)
  • C3520,C3780,C3782,E2250,E2252 added (UNL,SECT,IM,FL)
  • E2220,E2222L (UNL,SECT,IM)
  • SWIFT-3G
  • C3630,C5190,C5530,E3217B,E3217L,S5270K,S5270L,S568 0 
  • added (UNL,SECT,FL)
  • C5010,E3210,E3213,S5610 Direct Unlock Fixed.
  • IMEI Repair Added for Almost All Models:
  • C3630,E2310,E2313,S3710,S5270,S5610,..
  • C3310,C3310R,C3312,C3312R,C3313K,C3330,C3332,C3350 ,C3350M,
  • E2230L,E2350B,E2600,E2600M,S3800,S3802,S3802W,S522 0,S5220R,
  • S5222,S5222R,S5229,S5292,S5296 added (CUNL,PUNL,PIM,FL,UFL)
  • E1151 Missing boot fixed.
  • E1151 IMEI Rebuild and Direct Unlock added (AT Mode)
  • Note: Need make Boot Mode Info before use of AT Mode.
  • M210S,T356 Added.
  • S5380B,S5380D,S5380F,S5380G,S5780D,S7250,S7250D added (UFL)

Official: sarunasoftware


UFSx Support Suite : UFSx + HWK Setup v02.03.00.00

  • Uninstall ALL previous versions, you MUST uninstallHWK Suite BEFORE trying to uninstall HWK Support Suite Setup.
  • Install UFSx Support Suite Setup
  • Connect your UFSx+HWK before running the UFSx Control Panel
  • Run UFSx Control Panel
  • Select the "Hardware" Tab
  • If you only have one UFSx connected it will be selected, if more than one, select the check box next to the required UFSx. You can click "Scan Boxes" to refresh the list if you have connected further boxes since opening the Control Panel
  • Click "Check Box"
  • Click "Update Box"
  • Click "Check Box"
  • Select the "Software" Tab
  • Amend "Application Install Path" and/or Nokia InstallPath, if required.
  • Click "Check Server"
  • Click "Install"


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