Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Add Blog And verify on Technorati
Technorati is a blogs searching engine. Technorati is an important source which helps the webmasters by helping them to index their blogs in search engines. If your blog is registered in technorati, it will appear in search engine and will be certainly visited by lots of users, it will lead to increase your blog rank.In order to enjoy this benefit the publisher will have to Add their blog in Technorat.
Follow the Simple steps to register and Add your blog in Technorati.
If already registered user visit Login Technorati.
If not registered user visit Sign In Technorati and register.
Now login your account and click on your Member name (user ID) left to your profile picture.
Now Scroll down to My Claimed blogs and enter your blog address in start a blog claim box.
Now click on claim button.
Now you will receive mail for verification. Verifying your Blog
Log in and go to account scroll down to My Claimed blogs
You will see your blog appears there click on Check Claim.
you will see a message that says to publish unique code on your blog, or you will receive a mail that contain claim token as ours RDWJ3Z34BSSM(my blog claim token).
Now you will have to publish this claim token in your blog RDWJ3Z34BSSM (my blog claim token). Use your own claim token that you received for your blog.
It must also appear in your corresponding RSS feed once published.
Once you published, your post click on "Verify Claim Token" button in Verify Your Claim Token.
If all goes well, Technorati will visit your blog, find the token and verify it.
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