Saturday, September 15, 2012

Easily mount NTFS/HFS+ formatted USB drives or SD cards on your android phones and tablets.Forget about incompatibility issues between your mobile handheld and its big brothers PC and Mac!
Paragon NTFS & HFS+ mounts almost any external hard drive on a phone or tablet
The software was successfully tested by nearly 50,000 Android enthusiasts! Get full and unlimited access to the most widespread file systems in the world on your smartphone by mounting USB sticks or SD cards formatted to Windows NTFS or Mac OS X HFS+.Now you can easily copy, transfer and modify data previously unsupported by Android volumes. Software company Paragon hopes to make Android phones and tablets compatible with drives formatted for Mac or Windows. NTFS and HFS+ for Android, It will work on almost all devices running Android on 2.3 or higher, but the devices must support USB storage, like the Xoom, Galaxy Tab, or Galaxy S III, and the device must be rooted, and use an adapter to connect the hard drive.




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