Monday, September 17, 2012

Merruk Technology Kernel v2.0 final for Samsung galaxy y. Merruk Technology Kernel v2.0 is a new and best custom kernel for Samsung Galaxy Y which has many benifits so everyone who is in Stock ROM must flash it!

  • Swap Support
  • Some Bug Fixes.
  • CPU Spy App Fix
  • Game-Port Modules
  • Graphic Engine Driver
  • Security Patches Added
  • TUN/TAP, Virtual Adapter
  • Added USB CORE Support
  • HID, EHCI, OHCI, Support VibeTunz (TM) Technology MERRUK Tempfs for SU Binary
  • EXT2/EXT3 & EXT4/JBD2
  • support
  • SD-EXT Support, System &
  • Recovery
  • CIFS Support. (Mount Shared
  • Folders)
  • Netfilter Compatibility with
  • Droidwall
  • Recouvery in Read/Write mode
  • & [ADB Root]
  • Added IO Scheduler (Deadline,
  • CFQ, VR, SIO).
  • Blumunlock Added & a Script to run it at boot
  • Init.d Support & Auto Create init.d in /system/etc.
  • BusyBox Support PreInstalled (Busybox binary in /sbin)
  • Root Support [ADB Root] & PreInstalled (SU binary in /sbin)
  • Added MFC, (MULTI FORMAT CODEC) Firmware From Samsung
  • Multi-language Module Support for UTF-8 on CIFS Mount Shares
  • Cache and Data, Can be mounted as EXT4. (/System Need’s Fixes)
  • Add The Permanent Modded / Fixed CloclkWorkMod Recovery (v
  • Mount SDCARD WITH EXT4 FS Supported (You Need to Format it With EXT4).
  • New J4FS SUPPORT (We Can Mode it to have our new optimized J4FS R/W file system)
  • Modules for VPN/IPSec Support (IPsec AH, IPsec user configuration interface, IP Tunneling)
  • Added CPU Governor Feature
  • (SmartassV2, Conservative, Ondemand, Powersave & Userspace, etc.) (Not All ofthem for now)
  • Debug scripts added for System & Recovery
  • Fixes scripts added for System & Recovery
  • Important moduled load’s now at boot
  • A Lot of Other Improvements & Fixes.

Kies (88.6 MB)
Odin (1.7 MB)
Boot_2.tar (4.97 MB) (4.61 MB)

Use it at your own risk! I am not responsible for any damage to your phone.

Installation Instruction:

  • On your galaxy y Goto Settings > Applications > Development and enable USB Debugging.
enable USB Debugging
  • Stop Kies, PC Antivirus & Kies and end all active ADB sessions. 
  • Wipe data & Cache from Stock CWM recovery.
  • Download and move it to the root directory SD Card (not in any folder).
  • Download boot_2.tar and keep it on desktop.
  • Boot your phone in recovery Mode by pressing Vol down + Power Key + Home button together.
  • When warning screen appears, press Volume Up key to get in Odin mode.
  • Open Odin on your pc.
  • In PDA, choose file boot_2.tar.

    Odin pda

      • Connect your phone to your PC via USB Data Cable.
      • When you see yellow light on top left box, select Start.
      • Flashing will start, when full green light comes on your PC & phone both then your phone will reboot.
      • Merruk Kernel v2.0 flashed!
      • Install & Open CPU Master from Play Store on your phone to see more new features.
      Congratulation you have installed Merruk’s Kernel on your Samsung Galaxy Y

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