Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Download Adobe Flash player 11 for samsung galaxy y s5360 or armv6 android devices running on android 2.3.4,  android 2.3.5, android 2.3.6. It is available for free download on play store for supported devices but to use it on Samsung galaxy y or other ArmV6 device you will have to download from the link provided below.
Download Adobe Flash player 11 for samsung galaxy y s5360 or armv6

Tutorial how to install and use Flash player 11 and play flash file on Samsung Galaxy Y or any armv6 based android phone successfully while browsing web that contains flash files. As till now Adobe flash player is not supported by this devices officially. So here is a simple way to run flash file while browsing web on samsung galaxy y s5360 or armv6 android devices. Bring the full web to your device with Flash Player- videos, games, apps & more. Adobe Flash Player enables a complete web browsing experience by enabling access to your favorite interactive content.

Simply follow the steps below:

Step one first of all you will have to install UC Browser on samsung galaxy y or armv6 android devices to download UC BROWSER click on this link Download UC BROWSER free as no other browser is till now supported.
As now you have installed uc browser now you have to download adobe flash player from this link DOWNLOAD FLASH PLAYER 11 FOR Samsung Galaxy Y or ArmV6
Now place this on your sd card and install it. Now run your uc browser and enjoy your favorite interactive content of web on galaxy y or any armv6 android phone
You can also check the version of flash player installed by searching "what's my flash version" in Google and follow appropriate link.
For other supported devices download flash player from here


  1. UC Browser version currently available on google play is not supporting galaxy y. please let us know the UC browser version. so that i can download it from other sources

    1. The version of uc browser that i am currently running on my galaxy y which support adobe flash player is (build 11060915) realesed 8/8/2011

    2. it's working... however unable to watch live streaming by flash... please give me if any solution... Thank You...

  2. it says "this item is not compatible with your device"
    What to do?? :|

  3. I am trying to install uc browser but i get message 'this app is not compitable
    with your device' please give me some idea.

  4. For those of you who are not being able to download uc browser try this link Uc browser for galaxy y

  5. i instaled uc browser 8 its coming

  6. sir, i am using samsung galaxy pop plus..i would like to have the adobe flash player installed in my it possible ? if it is possible,please help me how to do it step by step..thanks in advance..

  7. its also working on my galaxy pocket:D

  8. its also working on my galaxy pocket


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