Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to Share or connect internet from Galaxy y an android phone to Mac os x using usb cable.
As we have already written a post before where we have shown you how to share or connect internet from samsung galaxy y to windows based pc or laptop using usb cable so today we are going to write a tutorial on how to share or connect internet from Galaxy y to Apple Mac os x is very easy below are the steps how to use your phone internet on mac os x using usb cable.
Steps to connect internet on Mac using SGY S5360 an android phone :
First of all you will have to download pdaNet from here
Now install it on your mac and restart.
Now from dock click on system preferences and select network a new windows appear where you will see etherneten2 on left hand side if not click on + sign and add Ethernet adapter en2 from interface drop down menu.
Now from phone menu go to Settings > Applications > Development > and check the box saying USB debugging.
Now connect your mac and SGY using USB cable.
Now from the dock click on application and select pdaNet now you will see small icon on your task bar click on it and select install pdanet to phone from drop down menu .
As now pdaNet is installed to your phone run it and select " Enable USB Tether"
Now on mac click on pdanet icon on the task bar and select connect from drop down menu now the icon will begin to blink blue. net is connected.


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