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Read this before starting as a guest author on my blog 

Content not allowed : 
Porn/nude/sexual or any illegal content is not allowed.
Original Content :  
Your post must be original with unique contain and must not be copied from any other blog/forum or any other source.
No Affiliate Links : 
You are not allowed to insert any type of affiliated links in your post.

Back links: 
We understand that as an guest author you must get a back link. Back links are allowed one along with contain ( link of your choice but must not be illegal ) and other with your bio at the end of the post which tell our Readers about you (your's Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Bloggers, etc. profile page).

Pictures and videos : 
You are allowed to insert pictures and videos to explain about your post better. It is mandatory to have at-least one picture in your post. 

Credit : 
All credits for your's post as an guest author on this blog goes to you so the copyright of your article will be yours and not in the name of Techween

Latter on you can also be invited as an author directly through our blog....

Note: The above terms and condition may change without prior information so if you are guest author on Techween.blogspot.com you must keep checking this page. any violation in T&C may lead to termination of your account and permanent ban. in such condition your all previous post will be removed and if necessary other steps may also be taken.

Just type the picture link in place of picture we will convert it to image at the time of approval or publishing.


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