Monday, October 29, 2012

Hi friends here is new update for TechnoDUOS Rom Version 1.6.1 Beta for Samsung galaxy y Duos. As we have already provided installation instruction to install TechnoDUOS V1.5 on your galaxy y duos. This is an update pack for TechnoDUOS 1.5 BDSky S1525, so you must have TechnoDUOS 1.5 BDSky S1525 installed before updating to TechnoDUOS 1.6.1.So if you have not install TechnoDUOS 1.5 BDSky S1525 then follow the instruction provided HERE.This Rom is developed by Millan.SIS member of XDA Presently on SisDimensions so thanks him for his work.
TechnoDUOS Version 1.6.1 Beta for Samsung galaxy y Duos
Features :
  • TD Locale Settings
  • TD Parts Settings
  • TD Advanced Settings
  • TD LiteweightTerminal
  • TD FOTA Update System( Firmware Over The Air )
  • There isn't any graphics update in this pack.
ROM TechnoDUOS v1.6.1(not mirrored)
Size: 2.5 MB

Installation Instruction
  • First of all back up your phone and Charge battery full.
  • Then Install TechnoDUOS 1.5 BDSky S1525 guide here
  • Then place in root directory of your phone sd card.
  • Then enter recovery mode "select zip from sdcard" and choose the update pack and wait for process to be completed. 
  • Reboot
Congratulation! As it is beta version so if you find bug post on thread page

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  1. can I install technoduos 1.5 directly without installing technoduos 1.0


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