Friday, October 26, 2012

How to backup an applications downloaded from market or Google play store on android phone?
Backup the application downloaded from market 
or Google play in android phone for further uses. Here i am going to show you how to backup applications that you downloaded to android phone for further uses to your sd card. How important it is ? Suppose your phone had some problem and you restored your phone to factory default all the 3rd party application installed from market will be removed now what again download and pay for the data uses. So the best thing is to make back up of application. But how? Because you cannot find the application file as because the internal memory is not access able so what to do ? 
How to backup an applications downloaded from Android market or Google play on android phone

Follow the steps below
First of all you will have to download Astro File Manager to your phone. This is an ad supported version not to worry it works if you like can buy paid version an support publisher.
Install it and then run it. with this file manager you can explore system file or say internal memory or say root directory of android phone you can also kill task running and back up application.


Astro file manager APK

To make your task easier i made a video see it for details or read below.

When you run the application you will see a menu now scroll down and select Application Backup you will go to next screen where you will see the applications that you have downloaded from market now select the application that you want to backup or select all then press option key and select select Backup. or from main menu select File manager then option key then select tools then Application backup and rest as above
To change your backup location main menu > file manager > option key > preferences > Backup Directory. By default "/mnt/sdcard/backup"

Now you have backup of applications for use in future ......enjoy


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