Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tutorial how to prevent others from accessing your personal videos, pictures  files on android phone. In simple words hiding your contents on android phone so that no one with out your permission can access your personal files even if he have your phone. So for doing this we will need a file manager called hide it pro it is a free application.
hide videos on android phone, hide it pro,
With Hide it Pro you can hide pictures and videos files that you don’t want others to see. It has built in gallery, video player, password protection and etc. It is disguised as Audio manager application in the App Drawer through which you can control music on your android phone. Users have different folder to hide or unhide files. it comes with encryption tool to secure your hidden files and folders. It also have built in full featured file manager with ability to move/hide /delete /share multiple files at a time.
How to install and use it:
First of all Download it from google play click here and install it. When installation is over run the app it will take you to the lock-screen you will need to select your Password or pin code from 0 to 9 and enter the same when you log-in. you can choose either pin based lock-screen or Password based lock-screen is up to you. The next step is to provide recovery email id required in case you forgot your password or pin code.Now you will be automatically redirected to audio manager. now when you open the app it will ask you to provide the password or pin to unlock the application. on entering the correct password you will be on home screen of the app where you can hide pictures in picture folder videos in video folder and audio in audio folder or any things else like app lock or hiding message. to hide applications root access may be required.


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