Friday, April 27, 2012

Tutorial how to add watermark to the pictures online after uploading to the bloggers blog. As suppose you have written a post and uploaded a picture in your post and published your post, but you have forgotten to add watermark to your picture now if you want to add watermark to your picture either you have to add watermark to your picture using any picture editor then re edit your post remove the previous picture and upload the picture with watermark and republish your post.But what i am going to say is that add watermark to already uploaded pictures on your blog post that have been already published.
watermark to pictures already uploded to blog

Simple steps are below just follow:
  • Log in to Google account.
  • From the top menu at click on more and select photos.
  • Now select Albums from the tab
  • Now select the album in which u have the photo to which you want to add watermark.
  • Use chrome for best result select the photo and click it.
  • On the upper left side click on creative kit it will take 5 to 10 min. depending on your net speed.
  • Now click on text tab it will take again few min.
  • Now enter the words or sentence that you want to appear on picture select, font, select font size, adjust position, set color of your choice,etc
  • After you are satisfied with customization  click on save a confirmation box appear click on replace.
All done........


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