Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to increase virtual internal memory of samsung galaxy y or any android phone successfully.
 Samsung galaxy y comes with 190 MB internal memory and support up to 32 GB external memory but if you need more applications to be installed on phone a time comes when you get message no more space because some application can only be installed to internal memory so how to increase your virtual internal memory Below are the steps just follow:
First of all you will have to Root your phone ( By rooting your phone you void warranty of your phone so use at your own risk .) How to root your samsung galaxy y S5360 for details click here.
Next now you have to create two partition on your memory card. How to create partition two partition on memory card successfully here is solution .First of all you will have to download MiniTool from here according to your windows and install it in your windows.
Now say you have 2 GB card mount it in windows with help of card reader backup your data to some safe place as because you will loss all your data when you will format your card. Now run your newly installed Minitool partition wizard.
Now select your memory card and right click and select format select fat 32 as file system and ok be-careful do not select other drive or you may loss important data.
Now again right click on memory card and select Move/Resize , new window appears where you can re-size by dragging with mouse then make first partition of 1.5 GB or a bit less in Fat 32 file system for normal use like music, video,etc......Now you will see there is unallocated space create a partition of around 500MB (not tested more then 512 MB) and format it in ext3 file format Which will be for your applications. Create both the partition as primary Now click on apply wait until completed do not remove or stop may damage your card
When finished you will able to see only First partition in windows dont worry remove your card from pc and insert in mobile.
Now install link2sd click here to download install it and run it, then it will ask you to mount script , choose ext3 and ok
Now reboot your phone, after rebooting go to main menu go to link2sd open it go to setting and check everything to auto-link.
Congratulation now you have extra space to install app.....
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