Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to backup Bookmarks

How to backup Bookmarks from Mozilla FireFox 3

Bookmarks are very useful to all of us it is a simplest way to remember the important web site that we visit. We always visit new site for searching whatever information we need through search engine like Google, Bing, yahoo etc. and if we find the site is useful we bookmark it.Simplest way to remember but problem arises when we have some problem in our computer and have to format it. Now big problem arises you loss all your bookmark after reinstalling the operating system.But there is one option always backup your bookmarks.
So here is step wise instruction
How to backup Bookmarks from Mozilla FireFox.
Open your Firefox
Click on Bookmarks from menu bar or alt+B from keyboard
Click on organize bookmarks or ctrl+shift+B from keyboard
Library window appears click on "Import and backup" tab or alt+I from keyboard a drop down menu appears
Now select "Export HTML" option or alt+E from keyboard now save window appears save it.
Now you can restore your book mark when ever you need.
To restore all the steps are same only last step changes here to restore back your book mark you will have to select "Import HTML" option or alt+I from keyboard and select the file you saved while exporting.
how to save bookmark in Firefox 8.0 visit here
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