Monday, November 14, 2011

How to change start button in windows XP.
How to change label of start button in windows xpChanging start button label "start" of windows xp is not so difficult. You will just have to follow few simple step as described. I have tested and we can use more then five characters, the only thing is that the size of start button increased.One more thing you can use different labels for Windows classic Style and different label for Windows XP style at the same time.The first thing you need to modify the start button of windows xp is a tool called Resource Hacker by Angus Johnson.Resource Hacker can be used to Analyze, change, add, erase or extract resources in EXE and DLL files. You can download Resource Hacker from the link below .The size of resource hacker is only 2.4 MB and it is Free
CLICK to Download
After Downloading install "Resource Hacker" and now go to your windows installation directory that is C:\WINDOWS and make backup of Explorer.exe just copy and past it to some other place like on your desktop so you can backup if some thing go wrong. Now right click the file explorer.exe and select the second option "Open using Resource Hacker". Now Resource Hacker hacker will open the exe for editing. Now you will see two panels right containing description left containing category's .In the left category panel select the String Table category and click on + sign to expand it in the sub category now navigate down to string 37 if you want to change start button for Windows XP Style and click on + sign to expand it select the language string for English version it is 1033 and click on it now see on right panel for this "Start" change the words inside the inverted comma example "Start" to "NandTech" or as you wish and click on Compile Script. To change the start button for Windows Classic Style just select the string 38 from left panel and rest same as above. Now after compiling script go to menu and select save. If your having error cannot create file C:\wind....\.....exe. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and select the tab Processes now select explorer.exe and click on End Process your windows will close don't worry still your task manager is open select the Application tab of Task Manager and click on New Task new window appears click on Browse and navigate to the place where you backup the file Explorer.exe now select the file explorer.exe and click on open. The explorer will go to Resource Hacker click ok on error message and try again to save this time you will be success. Now as it is saved successfully to see the changes go to Task Manager >> Processes>>select explorer.exe and click on End Process. Now go to Applications tab of Task Manager>>New Task..>Browse...>>"C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe" and>>open it .That is all you changed the start button label.of windows Xp.
Windows Xp Style Preview

Windows Classic Style preview
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to backup Bookmarks

How to backup Bookmarks from Mozilla FireFox 3

Bookmarks are very useful to all of us it is a simplest way to remember the important web site that we visit. We always visit new site for searching whatever information we need through search engine like Google, Bing, yahoo etc. and if we find the site is useful we bookmark it.Simplest way to remember but problem arises when we have some problem in our computer and have to format it. Now big problem arises you loss all your bookmark after reinstalling the operating system.But there is one option always backup your bookmarks.
So here is step wise instruction
How to backup Bookmarks from Mozilla FireFox.
Open your Firefox
Click on Bookmarks from menu bar or alt+B from keyboard
Click on organize bookmarks or ctrl+shift+B from keyboard
Library window appears click on "Import and backup" tab or alt+I from keyboard a drop down menu appears
Now select "Export HTML" option or alt+E from keyboard now save window appears save it.
Now you can restore your book mark when ever you need.
To restore all the steps are same only last step changes here to restore back your book mark you will have to select "Import HTML" option or alt+I from keyboard and select the file you saved while exporting.
how to save bookmark in Firefox 8.0 visit here
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Android App on Windows PC

Run Android Apps on Windows PC

Play Android apps on your Win7 PC or tablet with BlueStacks App Player install talking tom cat on pc
At present BlueStacks has released a free version of emulation software that can run Android app on windows 7 pc and tablet and that allows ten applications to run right out of the box, and a further 26 can be added according to the company. At present it is available only for windows 7. Latter on support for Windows XP/Vista /mac may be available.
The first BlueStacks alpha can be downloaded from the official website.
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Downloading SFW Files with Firefox
 How to download embedded swf files using firefox. As we know that we need additional software to download swf files that are on webpages but here i am going to show you how to download swf files that are embedded on the webpages without using any additional software.

Download embedded SWF files.

How to download swf files using Firefox.

  •   Download firefox and install to your pc.
  •   Lunch Firefox and navigate to the Webpage that contains the embedded  swf file.
  •   when the page is fully loaded right click on empty space anywhere on the page and select the page info option. As shown below -
  • On clicking  on view page info page info menu will appear, now select Media from the tab.
  • Now select the swf file that you want to download from the list it's type will be embedded.
  • After selection of the file click on Save As button to save swf file to your computer.see the picture below-

 After download  complete you can simply open with your web browser and enjoy it offline.
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