Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Format USB to NTFS in Windows XP trick.
To format usb thumb drive to NTFS in windows xp it's very simple. In windows Xp if you want to format usb removable drives by defult you will only get FAT as an option by default here i am going to tell you how to add NTFS to it.As shown below

Open browser by clicking My Computer icon on desktop or from start menu and right click on the usb drive which you want to format to NTFS and select properties as shown below

On clicking on properties a new window will appears now click on Hardware tab and select the drive which you want to add NTFS formatting option and click on properties button. As shown below

On clicking on properties new window will appear there select policies from the tab now select the radio button saying Optimize for Performance and click on ok the window will close again ok and all windows disappear .

Now go back to windows explorer select the drive you wanted to format to NTFS right click select format a window will appear saying format (usb drive name) now see the line saying file system now click on drop down menu and you will have two option FAT and NTFS. Select NTFS and click on start your usb will be formatted in NTFS. As image below.

One important thing of having NTFS file System is that you can carry a single file larger then 4 GB on it which is not possible in FAT formatted usb Drive.


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