Thursday, October 6, 2011

Android on pc

How to make bootable usb of android-x86 and install on pc
Hi friends today i am going to write about a os which is becoming very popular now a days this os are mainly found on smart phones and tab. etc. but now we can install it on pc.
The os is named as Android from google.
Android on pc
Download link below
For installation first of all u have to download  the iso file from Android-x86
An open source project to provide android support on x86.There are different iso for netbook and laptops x86based machines.
First of all to install os we must have installation disk so here is download link below.
Android-x86-2.2-generic.iso Size:82.4MB
For your choice see here
After downloading the os iso fron above link burn it to cd or dvd.or u can prepare bootable usb.
Here we will use usb thumb drive to install Android on pc.
To install from thumb drive first of all we have to download software that can make our usb thumb drive bootable from
You can download according to your platform windows, Linux or mac.
Here i am going to use windows version now. After downloading
UNetbootin run it you will get this window
As android is in listed in distribution select fedora in first dropdown and for second dropdown 14_live etc. as in picture below
After that click on radio button Diskimage browse the iso image from your hd just you downloaded from above link.TheType of disk will be usb drive. Now drive will be your thumb drive path here it is l:/ yours may be different select properly see image below

Now click on ok wait for some time let it be complete
Now you are ready to install Android on pc from thumb drive.
Next...... how to install
visit the link below how to install Android on pc
Installation of Android on PC

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