Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hi friends here is how to install or say run an older version of  Mac os which was released around 1987 on Samsung galaxy y S5360 or any android device. Here we will see how to install it on galaxy y step by step.
Install mac os on Samsung galaxy y or any android

First of all you will need samsung galaxy y or any android phone (root not required)
A computer running on windows with winrar installed.
Then Download this file and place it in a folder on your desktop now extract this using winrar.
On Extraction you will see this 5 files as listed below:
☻) 896K.dsk,  ☻) Mini vMac.exe,  ☻) System Additions, ☻) System Startup and  ☻) vMac.rom
Install mac os on Samsung galaxy y
After you have Extracted it Lunch Mini vMac.exe by double clicking it you will see the screen as in picture below:
Now from the folder that you have extracted drag and drop two files namely  896K.dsk and System Startup in mini vmac as shown in picture below:
Now in mini vmac Double click on System Startup when system startup is lunched you will have total of 7 items from that double click on Installer as shown in pic below:
After that you will see a welcome screen click on ok when you click on ok it will take you to next screen here you simply click on install. When you click on install the installation process begin.
Follow the instruction on the screen now when instructed drag and drop two files namely  System Additions and System Startup in mini vmac as shown in picture below:
When the installation is over click on Quit and close mini vmac.
The next step is to connect you phone in usb storage mode via usb cable to computer and create a new folder "minivmac" in root directory of your phone sdcard and now go to the folder where you have extracted on pc and copy two files Disk images "896K.dsk" and the ROM file  "vMac.rom" and past it "minivmac"  folder in root directory of your phone sdcard which you have already created.

Now download Mini vMac for android device and install it and lunch it.
When the application gets lunched click on option button and select insert disk and select the disk image 896K.dsk as shown on pic below

  As now you have already installed mac on galaxy young you can get its game from here


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