Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hells Fusion Kernel for Samsung Galaxy y gt-s5360 (custom).Its a custom kernel built from samsung source.The kernel is tested and working on DDLF firmware. Its pretty much a basic kernel with a little more features.The credit to developed this custom Kernel for Samsung galaxy y goes to  hell_lock member of xda forum so if you find his work useful don't forget to thanks him.

Other kernels:
Merruk  Kernel v2.0 final

Hells Fusion Kernel  for Samsung Galaxy y gt-s5360 (custom)
  • Droidwall supported
  • Init.d support
  • Ext3,2 support wid NTFS
  • Performance fixes
  • Swap support
  • 7 frequencies for ultimate backup
  • 832 Mhz(undervolted already to save battery)
  • 624 Mhz
  • 468 Mhz
  • 312 Mhz
  • 156 Mhz
  • Deep sleep
  • 16 governors for people with different tastes
  • performance
  • powersave
  • userspace
  • conservative
  • lagfree
  • interactiveX
  • savagedzen
  • scary
  • brazilianwax
  • hotplug
  • smartass2
  • lionheart
  • smoothass
  • lazy interactive
  • 3 io schdulers
  • cfq
  • noop
  • deadline 
Kernel Flasher:(not mirrored) Kernel Update.zip
Hells Fusion  Kernel:(not mirrored) boot.img ( size:4.51 MB)

This kernel is only meant for Samsung galaxy y model gt-s5360 and not for other devices.Use it at your own risk we will not be held responsible for any damage that happens to your device following this instruction!

  • Download kernel flasher from the link provided above and put it on sdcard
  • Put the downloaded kernel "boot.img "on sdcard
  • Switch off phone
  • Boot into cwm 
  • Install "kernel flasher" from zip
  • Reboot phone
Congratulation! If you see a new splash image after restart then the kernel has installed successfully if you notice any bug post on thread page so dev may fix on next update.


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