Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tutorial how to use an android phone samsung galaxy y as a webcam using Usb cable.

Use your an android phone as a webcam for video call like on MSN or Skype, Google+ hangout or for video chatting. Why to spend money to buy Webcam if you can easily use your samsung galaxy y an android phone as a webcam. So now i am going to write this tutorial it is simple and easy just follow the steps correctly. So lets configure our android phone as a webcam via USB cable.

First of all lets configure our computer runing windows 7:
As android devices can communicate with PC using USB cable only in debugging mode using ADB. So first of all we will have to install and configure ADB (Android Debug Bridge). Download android sdk from here
Now extract it to root directory of computer say "C:\android-sdk-windows" and run SDK Manager.exe and then install Android SDK Tools and Android SDK Platform-tools.
Now ADB installed we shall add their paths to the PATH environment variable to do this in Windows 7, right-click the ‘Computer’ icon and click ‘Properties’. Now click ‘Advanced System Settings’ from the options in the left pane to bring up the ‘System Properties’ window. Then click the ‘Environment Variables’ button on the ‘Advanced’ tab and find ‘Path’ in the ‘System variables’ section and click on edit (Note: Do not Delete any thing) and add as the line below at the end of the line with semi-colones and click ok.


Install usb driver if not installed . Now download and install client application on your computer from here Dev47Apps.
Now lets configure our android phone and install the required application:
First of all we will have to set our phone to debugging mode to do this Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging). 
Download Droid-cam from Android Market it is free install it and run it. It will display "Starting server..." message 

Screen Shot:

        Server on phone

         client on pc

Now Start the Droid-cam client on your pc and select "connect to phone (USB)" option then click on connect. 
That is it enjoy Chatting.


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