Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Windows 8 Bootable USB

Windows 8 Bootable usb

Hi friends
 Today here i am going to write how to make Bootable USB of Windows 8 Devlopers preview.As it is pre-beta version so you can download it for free for final release use your original DVD bought from Microsoft. Here are steps for pre-beta version
          As in previous blog there is a download link of windows 8 Developers preview first off all u have to download the iso image from there.
          Then you will have to mount the downloaded  iso image using some virtual cd/dvd mounter here using


This tool is trial for 20 days if you need latter u can buy it. download it and install it reboot your machine after installation now the Daemon Tool icon appears in task-bar see image below

Right click on it and select  

1. Virtual CD/DVD-ROM
2. Device 0:[your device suppose  X:] No media
3. Mount image
          Click on mount image you will get a window now browse your downloaded iso image windows 8 Devlopers Preview and click on open.
Now the image is mounted check it by opening my computer it will appear in Devices and Removable storage as Dvd. Yours suppose x: Drive now you will have to hav 4 GB or above usb thumb drive insert in your usb port backup your data and format it in NTFS recommended Fat32 also works . Latter i will show you how to format usb to ntfs in windows Xp.
   Next the important part Suppose your virtually mounted dvd is X: Drive and your USB thumb Drive is Y: Drive check  your drive letter it is different for all.

Now run command prompt as Administrator
Go to the mounted drive in command prompt as shown below an write the commands given below replace x: and y: with your drive letters.

            x:\>cd x:\boot
            x:\boot>bootsect.exe /nt60 y:
Now a message will appear saying Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes.
As in image below
All Done now close the command prompt after that go to My Computer  Explorer your Virtual Dvd Drive here X: Drive and select all the files and folders then copy it then navigate to your usb thumb drive here Y: Drive and paste it. wait for files to be copied 15-30 minutes.

All done 

Reboot machine and boot from usb for installation 

Next coming soon 

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